We serve the industry and the people
Our in-house expertise and simplified integrations will set your card issuing process up for success from the start.
Limao offers a suite of payment card fraud management solutions to secure all your transactions. We offer a wide range of services to mitigate program losses due to fraud while ensuring a frictionless transaction experience for your customers.
The global gig economy is booming. And traditional payment methods aren’t keeping up. Streamline 1099 contractor payments and give valuable workers fast, secure access to their hard-earned money with real-time funding. Limao can facilitate instant payment to physical or virtual cards, which also saves your company money on checks and ACH fees.
Dive into a new era of financial transparency, tailored to your business needs. limao's platform offers virtual cards for precise spend management and streamlines expense management charges. Our advanced APIs and tailored dashboard offer transparency and control, from custom spending groups to managing corporate credit limits.